Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers surrounding studying with IFA Paris – Learn Online and our e-learning offers. If you do not find your answer here and have further questions, feel free to chat with us or get in touch through our Contact page.

Is IFA Paris a public institution?
IFA Paris is a private higher education institution. As such, it is not attached to the French Ministry of Education as a University or a Grande Ecole could be. However, IFA Paris is registered with the Academie de Paris under the denomination International Fashion Academy as a private academic entity.

Does IFA Paris deliver degrees recognized by the Ministry of Education?
The French term for a degree recognized by the Ministry of Education is “Vise par le Ministere de l’Education”. The only types of degrees that bear this characteristic in France are the ones that are delivered by Public Institutions like Universities or Grandes Ecoles. IFA Paris is a Private Higher Education Institution and therefore its’ degrees are not recognized by the French Ministry of Education. However, all its’ programs are built according to the ECTS System established through the Bologna Convention, which allows them to be certified by the Federation for European Education in Europe (FEDE).

What is a France Competence Certification?
The France Competence (ex. RNCP) certification is granted by the Commission Nationale de la Certification Professionnelle (CNCP). The certification level is determined by the capability of a school (Private or Public) to provide a degree that will grant its’ graduates access to a specific industry sector for which they have specialized through their academic programs.

Is IFA Paris only an online school?
No, IFA Paris has three campuses: in Paris, Shanghai and Istanbul. We deliver both offline and online programs. You can find more infos on our campuses and offline learning here: Our Campuses page.

How long does it take to receive a decision on my admission?
It takes about 10 working days to receive an answer regarding your admission, once you have paid the application fee, uploaded all necessary documents and taken the interview.

What happens if I don’t have all the required documents now?
The applicant may be given a Conditional Admission Letter if they have successfully fulfilled all requirements for admission, but are still missing an essential document, like an IELTS score or a final transcript of previous studies. In such cases, the applicant needs to proceed with the payment of tuition fees as with a normal Admission Letter to secure his/her position in the course. The applicant will be fully enrolled upon reception of the missing document. If the applicant fails to provide the missing document, he or she will be consequently rejected for admission and will be refunded 100% of the paid tuition.

What if I haven’t graduated yet and don’t have my high school diploma?
For example, if you are in your final year of high school and are joining one of our Bachelor programs in the fall intake, you can start your online application and then provide the high school diploma once you receive it. It is important to start your online application as soon as possible to secure your seat.

I am not a native English speaker. What are the language requirements?
As all our programs are taught in English, we require students to provide proof of sufficient English level in form of the IELTS or TOEFL (min. scores required can be found on the Admission tab of each course).
Alternatively, if you have previously followed education in English, we require a letter from that school stating this and you could be exempt from providing the IELTS or TOEFL. We will also be able to evaluate your English level in the interview and the final decision lies with our Admissions team.

What will I be asked at the interview?
The purpose of the interview is to get to know you, your motivation, determination and your career goals as well as your academic background, your past experiences in related fields and your motivation of inspiration.

What do the postgraduate courses online exam consist of?
The exam is made of multiple choices and open-ended questions. The exam has a time limit of two hours. There is no particular preparation as the test is based on your current knowledge. It will be done online on our Learning Management System. We will provide you with a username and password.

What if I need to postpone my studies?
The student who wishes to postpone studies after enrollment must submit the Application for Postponement of Studies Form at least 80 days before the beginning of the course or semester. The Undergraduate Department will start the process after the Course Director approves the application. Students are only allowed to postpone once during the entire course.

Students who wish to resume studies following postponement, provided there are seats available in the preferred semester, must contact the Undergraduate Department to complete and submit the Application for Resuming of Studies Form within 2 years from notice of postponement and at least 90 days before the beginning of the next session. Tuition will be charged according to the cost of tuition fees in the year in which the student returns.

What does the tuition fee cover?
You can find what is covered by the tuition fees in the Fee Structure tab of the courses on this website.

Can I be reimbursed my application fee?
Unfortunately, we do not reimburse the application fee under any circumstances.

What does the application process consist of?
Following an applicant’s admission, registration is finalized when he or she has signed the Student Agreement and submitted the full tuition payment, including all bank transfer fees incurred. Following receipt of these items, the applicant will hereby become a student of IFA Paris – Learn Online.

On which platform will the e-learning take place?
The learning process will be carried out on Microsoft Teams. The software is part of the tuition fees and is included in the Microsoft Office Pack. Microsoft Teams allows to have video live sessions, group chats functions, materials/documents sharing and more. It also allows each live session to be recorded on a cloud system called stream, where students will be able to view all session and class recordings on a VOD (video on demand) basis.

Do I need to install a specific software?
Yes, the Microsoft Office Pack will need to be installed. IFA Paris – Learn Online will provide a tutorial as well as access codes necessary to install the Microsoft Pack Office. Other software may be necessary to follow specific modules or programs. They are detailed in the course requirements tab on the course pages. Some of them, like the Adobe Suite or the DC Suite, are offered at a preferential rate.

Will I be able to attend from a smartphone or a tablet or do I need a computer?
Yes, the classes are available through tablets or smart phones as Microsoft Teams can work on various formats. However, in order to complete coursework, we strongly recommend all students to have a laptop.

Are the classes live and in real-time?
Yes, they are live and in real-time with our expert instructors. We do not just send you pre-made videos and materials by email. Hence, this is why we have certain intake dates for our online courses.

Will I have access to recorded classes?
Yes, all classes will be recorded on a cloud system called Stream. All students will be able to view all the video sessions on a VOD basis, which is useful if you happen to miss a few live classes.

Will I be able to participate during live classes?
Yes, thanks to the O2O Learning strategy of IFA Paris – Learn Online. All video sessions with the lecturers are done live from a physical regional center (except for Shanghai). Two cameras are installed in each classroom to allow students following their programs online to interact with their lecturers and fellow classmates.

Will I be able to ask questions to teachers outside of classes?
Yes, each module will be handled by a lecturer and an assistant. The role of the latter is to moderate the session and allow students following classes through IFA Paris – Learn Online to ask questions and interact during classes.

Will I be able to communicate with my fellow classmates?
Yes, communication can be done live in class. For all coursework involving group projects, Microsoft Teams allows the creation of groups that include live videos and chat functions.

Will I be able to attend extracurricular activities such as campus talks?
Selected campus talks will be available online and on stream (pending authorization from guests invited to give the talks). With the IFA Paris – Learn Online Switch System, you are invited to participate in physical classes, campus talks and seminars, should you wish to do so.

Will there be a graduation ceremony for e-learning students?
Yes, students following their programs on IFA Paris – Learn Online will be invited to participate in the same graduation ceremony as our students studying at our Paris campus. The ceremony is held yearly in Paris, at the end of each academic year.

Will the faculty be the same as the offline courses?
Because the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses online reproduce the physical environment of an offline curriculum, all lecturers are the same for both formats.

Is it necessary to complete the course in the same time period as the offline program?
It depends on the type of track you will be following. IFA Paris – Learn Online proposes two types of tracks:

  • Customized Track: From a catalogue of modules, you choose the ones that are of interest to you. You will receive a certificate of completion by the end of the module and will be able to complete it in your own time. Please note this track will not grant, at this stage, specific ECTS credits.
  • Academic Award Track: You will follow a set structure and number of modules that will allow you to accumulate ECTS credits and be awarded with a degree/diploma. This means that you will need to complete the program in the same time frame as the students in our offline on campus courses.

Will the group assignments be mixed between online and offline students?
As part of our O2O Learning Strategy, we aim at merging virtual and physical environments. All group course work will mix online and offline cohorts of students.

Will I have access to the student services?
Yes, each regional center will provide IFA Paris – Learn Online students with a student services contact. They will take care of administrative tasks such as handling students requests, generating timetables, transcripts, certificate of enrollment, re-enrollment, etc.

Will I have access to the school’s library?
IFA Paris – Learn Online students benefit from dedicated access to Dawson’s E-Library.

Will there be one on one tutorials, mentorship or feedback sessions with my teachers?
Additional times will be scheduled, according to module structure and learning strategy, for students to ask individual questions and get customized feedback.

How will I take part in industry projects by distance?
In a similar way as all group projects, industry projects will be available to IFA Paris – Learn Online students. Communication and document exchanges will be done through the Microsoft Teams Platform. At any point, students of IFA Paris – Learn Online are invited to fly over to their regional centers and attend, should they wish to do, for example project launches, intermediary and final presentations.

Will an online student be valued same as an offline student on IFA Paris Alumni platform?
There is no distinction between online and offline students, whether it being on our AlumnForce Platform or in any of our other operational aspects.

Will there be any training into preparing me how to be more efficient in online studies?
Yes, as part of the Integration Week at the beginning of our courses, students from IFA Paris – Learn Online will be invited to attend workshops related with remote working, time management as well as utilization of Microsoft Teams.

How many students are accepted per class?
Each online group is limited to a maximum of 20 students.

What is the instructional language for online classes?
The instructional language is English for all Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. Certain Short Courses can, at times, be adapted locally according to our regional centers. This kind of information will be available on the course description page on this website.

When is the earliest and the latest class during a course day?
Classes follow the same schedule as the offline courses. In their vast majority, modules are planned between 9 am and 6pm, from Monday to Friday. Thanks to a system of enrollment according to regional centers, we aim at ensuring that enrolled students of IFA Paris – Learn Online will be able to follow a maximum of classes live, without having to access Stream.

Will I be able to switch from online to offline learning?
Thanks to the flexibility offered by the IFA Paris – Learn Online Switch System, students can decide at a specific timeframe (end of semester for the Undergraduate courses and end of quarter for the Postgraduate courses) to switch from an online to a offline physical format. Please contact your Academic Coordinator for more information.

If I decide to join offline during the year, how does it work with my tuition fees?
The SWITCH System allows you to migrate to an offline course at the end of your semester for the Bachelor courses and the end of the term for the Postgraduate courses. Fees will be readjusted accordingly with the offline version of our courses. For more information please visit the IFA Paris website at www.ifaparis.com

Does IFA Paris deliver degrees recognized by the Ministry of Education?
The French term for a degree recognized by the Ministry of Education is “Vise par le Ministere de l’Education”. The only types of degrees that bear this characteristic in France are the ones that are delivered by Public Institutions like Universities or Grandes Ecoles. IFA Paris is a Private Higher Education Institution and therefore its’ degrees are not recognized by the French Ministry of Education. However, all its’ programs are built according to the ECTS System established through the Bologna Convention which allows them to be certified by the Federation for European Education in Europe (or FEDE).

Will I receive the same number of ECTS?
Yes, since the program structure for online and offline formats is the same, an identical number of ECTS is awarded to all students.

Will my diploma/degree mention that I studied online?
No, your diploma/degree will bare the same title as the one delivered to students who followed the course physically offline in Paris.

Will my diploma/degree have the same value as the one delivered to offline students?
All courses available on IFA Paris – Learn Online (with the exception of short courses) bare exactly the same structure and format as their physical incarnation. Therefore, there is no difference between online and offline diplomas.

Will I receive a hardcopy of my certificate or an e-version?
You will receive a hard copy of your testamur and will be invited to attend the graduation ceremony held in Paris (for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students).

Can I work and study at the same time?
As with our offline courses, we encourage students to acquire working experience throughout their time with us. Working experience can be accumulated through part-time jobs or internships. However, it is important to note that working should be one at the detriment of your academic performance. You will need to ensure that your professional and academic scheduled coincide and are balanced. On average, students have 25 hours of face to face time in our Undergraduate courses and 15 hours in our Postgraduate courses. Self-study time also needs to be factored in. As an additional recommendation, kindly note that you are responsible of checking work regulations within your own country.

Is there any recruitment fair arranged by IFA Paris to facilitate new graduates landing a job? If yes, how will this be arranged for an online student?
Yes, job fairs are organized annually on each campus of ours. Students of IFA Paris – Learn Online will have access to these fairs remotely. They will also be invited to fly to any regional center to attend these fairs physically. Please note there are particular restrictions owing to immigration laws specific to each country in which regional centers are located. Students are invited to research these specificities before attending any job/internship interview.

How will I benefit from the industry network of the IFA Paris by being an online student?
All internship and job offers will be publicized through our dedicated AlumnForce Platform.

Does the CAC (Career & Alumni Center) help us find a job in our home country?
The CAC is in charge of communicating internship and job offers to our students and alumni. Given the international nature of IFA Paris, the offers we receive from our partner companies span the globe. They are communicated regularly through our dedicated platform called AlumnForce.

Can I get a visa to do my internship in France?
While you can do an internship in France and receive an internship contract (or “Convention de Stage”) for your mission, you will be responsible to get your own visa should you need one. The only exception is granted to students in the Bachelor of Fashion Marketing, as their internship is compulsory and included in their course. Should these students be dependent on the Paris Regional Centre and secure an internship in France, they will benefit from our support in processing a student visa. For students depending on the regional centers of Istanbul and Shanghai, specific country rules apply for visa processing. For these students it is recommended to get in touch directly with the Student Services Department of their regional centers to inquire first. Please note that visa procedures are set by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the countries in which IFA Paris – Learn Online operates. Therefore, the granting of the visa is dependent on immigration services, not IFA Paris – Learn Online.