Bachelor Fashion Marketing (Online)

Course Details

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Duration: 3 years
Taught in: English
Format: Live
Credits: 180 ECTS
Limited to: 25 students per class
Application Fee: € 150
Tuition Fee: € 5,800 per year
Application Deadline:

The online Bachelor in Fashion Marketing has an innovative structure intimately linked with the industry’s evolution. The modules offered provide a systemic form of training, included constant challenges for students, pacing each specific ability through individual assignments, teamwork, and discovery of the industry. Our objective is to promote critical thinking and honing of transferable skills to train future graduates that will be able to work within an unpredictable and dynamic environment.

The online Bachelor in Fashion Marketing is structured around 3 major components, each addressing functional themes:

Business modules – Acquire core competencies in the fields of marketing, management, and finance.

Design-based modules – A creative outlet to acquire the necessary skills to navigate the specificities of the fashion industry.

Client projects – Developed with IFA Paris partners to reproduce the conditions of professional working environments that students will face upon graduation.

Drawing from IFA Paris’ pedagogical strategy, IFA Paris – Learn Online also implements a holistic approach to education. The fashion industry is a high-paced, ever-changing environment. Within the program structure we have included Personal Coaching and Mindfulness modules (a first in Fashion Education) to ensure that you are going through an introspective phase from your first year, allowing you to set a clear path for your personal and professional development.

While the program is structured around unique modules and learning experiences, the highlight is our faculty of skilled and motivated lecturers who come from more than 20 different countries. This veritable educational melting pot allows you to benefit from different cultural perspectives which, in turns, stimulates your propensity to analyse and solve issues in creative and unconventional ways. Students following the program online also benefit from this unique multi-cultural dynamic thanks to an adapted online to off-line (O2O) pedagogical strategy.

This online course takes place live and in real-time (Paris or Istanbul local time) and you will interact with the lecturer and other students through our online platform. However, if you cannot attend or miss a live class, every session is also recorded and saved, so you can go back and watch it at a later suitable time for you.

FEDE Track

Through a Recognition of Prior Learning Agreement (see FEDE Track tab), interested students can transfer 42 ECTS of their third year in the Bachelor Fashion Marketing towards completion of FEDE’s European Bachelor in Marketing.

By completing an additional 18 ECTS, through the validation of 3 extra modules (Language Proficiency, European Project and Intercultural Management and HR), our students can receive a double award:

  • The Bachelor of Fashion Marketing by IFA Paris
  • The European Bachelor (BE) in Marketing by FEDE

Completing the BE in Marketing will further provide the students with the opportunity to validate the following National Vocational Qualification recognized by France Competences:

Responsable marketing et commercial – Fiche RNCP n° 31900, enregistrée le 18 décembre 2018.
Code NSF 312 : Commerce, vente.
Level 6

France compétences


Holding a Level 6 Certification allows students to get entry into postgraduate programs offered by public universities. France Competences (or RNCP Certifications) is also recognized internationally by various regulatory bodies (QAA in the UK, YoK in Turkey, AQA in Australia, Chinese MOE, to name a few).

Course Structure

The Bachelor Fashion Marketing is a 180 ECTS and 3 year course. Expand below to see module grouping details:



Marketing Foundations
(11 ECTS) 

MARCOM 1: Basic Marketing Principles
MARCOM 2: Consumer Behavior
MARCOM 4: Basic Marketing Communication



Fashion Business
(12 ECTS) 

FB 1: Basic Accounting and Statistics
FB 3: Human Resources
FIO 1: Fashion Distribution Panorama



Fashion Environment
(11 ECTS)

FP 2: Fashion Thinking
FDT 1: Color Theory and Garment Design
FDT 2: Fashion Trends
FPT 1: Textiles Technology



Supporting Studies
(11 ECTS)   

FHC 1: Contemporary Fashion History
FHC 2: Fashion Disruption
FHC 3: Fashion News
PPAD 1: Personal Coaching



Digital Fashion
(9 ECTS)   

EXCEL For Fashion Merchandising
GS 1:  Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design



French Language Lessons
(6 ECTS)   

FR 1: French 1
FR 2: French 2



Marketing Foundations

(23 ECTS)                  

MCA 1: Strategic Marketing
MCA 2: Media Advertising PR
MCA 3: Fashion Branding
MCA 4: Innovative Customer Experiences
MCA 5: Buying and Merchandising
MCA 6: Fashion Coordination and Promotion
MCA 7: Visual Merchandising



Fashion Business
(16 ECTS)

FB 1: Finance and Budget
FB 2: Digital Marketing
ME 1: Global Social Economics and Emerging Markets
ME 2: Market Research



Fashion Environment
(6 ECTS)

FPT 1: Sustainable Development Project
FPT 2: Enterprise, Product & Innovation



Supporting Studies
(6 ECTS)

CW 1: Creative Writing
PPAD 4: Mindfulness



French Language Lessons
(4 ECTS)

FR 3: French 3
FR 4: French 4



Digital Fashion
(5 ECTS)

GD: Graphic Skills



Project Foundations
(9 ECTS)

PF 1: Integrated Sector Trend Report
PF 2: Integrated Advertising Strategy
PF 3: Branding and Visual Identity Report



Project Business Forecasts
(6 ECTS)

PBF 3: Cash Flow Forecasting



Personal & Professional Development
(23 ECTS)

PPD 1: Internship
PPD 2: Internship Report



Integrated Personal Project
(22 ECTS)

IPP 1: Business Plan
IPP 2: Integrated Final Project 1
IPP 3: Integrated Final Project 2


  • All applicants at the Undergraduate Bachelor level need to be high school graduates or equivalent and min. 16 years old.
  • Strong motivation in fashion business/marketing area.
  • Non-native English speakers need to provide an IELTS score of 5.5 or above, or a TOEFL score of 65 or above. Alternatively, provide an English training certificate or proof of previous education in English.
    COVID-19 and Lockdown: We are aware that it is extremely difficult to obtain a language certificate with the current situation. IELTS has launched an online system to evaluate your English proficiency, IELTS Indicator. We accept this certificate and you can find more information on obtaining this certificate here.
  • Go through the checkout process and then upload: latest high school transcript, copy of high school diploma or equivalence, Motivation letter, Resume/CV and copy of Passport/ID Card. All documents should be in English or translated to English by a professional translator.
  • €150 Application fee.
  • Online Interview (Skype).

Fee Structure

Tuition Fee: € 5,800 per year.
Full yearly tuition fee has to be paid before the start of the course in order to access the classes.
Early bird discount (10%) for tuition fee payments processed at least 7 months in advance of the application deadline.

Resource Fee: € 200 per year, payable with the tuition fees.

What is included in the Tuition Fee:

  • Microsoft Office Pack
  • Access to IFA’s Online Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Course Material
  • Lectures
  • Access to all guest lectures
  • Access to all campus talks

What is included in the Resource Fee:

  • Access to IFA Paris Dawson Era E-Library
  • Remote Access to WGSN
  • Access to Alumnforce

What is not included in the fees:

  • Expenses related to module specific materials (ex: purchase of fabrics, future boards…etc)
  • Printing and photocopying costs
  • Mailing costs for sending the third year project hard-copy to the regional centre students depend upon
  • Any air fares and accommodation costs should students decide to visit one of our campuses.


  • A recent computer with a recent operating system
  • A good internet connection
  • An up-to-date web browser (it would be advisable to ensure you have access to two separate web browsers)
  • Microphone & Headphones (a headset with microphone/headphones is recommended)
  • Webcam
  • Adobe Creative Cloud

FEDE Track

Students who choose to enroll in the FEDE Track must be enrolled in the IFA Paris Bachelor in Fashion Marketing (same admission requirements) and must have completed the first 2 years of the program. The ECTS accumulated during these 2 years will be transferred directly to the equivalence of the first 2 years of the FEDE European Bachelor in Marketing.

The registration fee for this parallel track is €350 payable directly to FEDE before the third year.

In order to obtain the European Bachelor in Marketing, students will have to validate, in addition to their third year modules of the Bachelor Fashion Marketing IFA Paris, the following subjects:

Module 1 : Professional Experience – 42 ECTS

A module ranging from 300 to 390 hours of coursework which is structured around a marketing report and internship. Students enrolled in the third year of the Bachelor of Fashion Marketing at IFA Paris will benefit from an equivalence with their final integrated project and internship report (see program structure tab)

Module 2 : Language skills – 12 ECTS

A module of 80 to 100 hours based on the evaluation of written and oral skills in a European language chosen by the students.

Students can choose English, German, Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese for Module 2. The language assessed must be different from the language used in the Module 3 and 4 exams.

Module 3 : The European project – 3 ECTS

A 40 to 60 hour module assessing students’ knowledge of European cultural and democratic institutions.

Module 4: Intercultural Management and Human Resources – 3 ECTS

A 40-60 hour module assessing students’ skills in navigating European intercultural organizational frameworks.

Please note that modules 3 and 4 will be taught by IFA Paris and that students who opt for the FEDE Option will have these modules added to their initial timetable. Language proficiency, the European project and the intercultural management and human resources modules will be assessed directly by FEDE during the examination sessions held in April and June of each year.

The parallel course between the Bachelor in Fashion Marketing at IFA Paris and the European Bachelor in Marketing at FEDE is as follows (click to enlarge):


We remind you that with the BE Marketing degree, an additional certification can be delivered :

Responsable marketing et commercial – Fiche RNCP n° 31900, enregistrée le 18 décembre 2018.
Code NSF 312 : Commerce, vente.
Level 6

France compétences

Holding a Level 6 Certification allows students to get entry into postgraduate programs offered by public universities. France Competences (or RNCP Certifications) is also recognized internationally by various regulatory bodies (QAA in the UK, YoK in Turkey, AQA in Australia, Chinese MOE, to name a few).