Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology (Online)

Course Details

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Duration: 3 years
Taught in: English
Format: Live
Credits: 180 ECTS
Limited to: 25 students per class
Application Fee: € 150
Tuition Fee: € 5,800 per year
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The fashion industry has gone through tremendous structural changes. Fashion houses are progressively realizing that sustainability is not a trend on which to build an attractive marketing message. It is an imperious necessity! Travel restrictions caused by COVID-19 have affected all the steps of the supply chain, from sourcing all the way to distribution. We are living through challenging times that require a workforce well versed in operating remotely and in a digital environment.

The online Bachelor of Fashion Design & Technology is a one-of-a-kind, uncompromising program, that will provide you with a creative and technological edge. Based on data gathered through the launch of its Fashion tech lab and incubator Foundry, IFA Paris has curated a unique curriculum that achieves a blending between the French traditional “savoir-faire” with the latest technologies in digital fashion.

The online Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology is structured around 3 Levels denominated as “Studios” (years) to reflect our industry focused teaching strategy. In each level you will be asked to produce various items of clothing that will be used to build-up your professional portfolio.

Since prior education or experience in fashion design is not necessary to integrate the program, Studio (year) 1 will teach you core skills and competencies.

In Studio (year) 2 you will move on to specialisms with a particular focus on Menswear and Sustainable Fashion.

Studio (year) 3 will be the climax of your IFA Paris experience as it is entirely dedicated to the creation of your own collection. All students qualifying for this level will get the opportunity to show their work in front of a jury. Should your collection be selected, you will get the opportunity to show your designs during the graduate shows of our schools in Paris, Shanghai and Istanbul

Each Studio Level (year) is composed with 4 module groupings:


Creation is constructed to teach you how to design purposefully to ignite creativity. It mixes anthropological and ethnographic research as well as the apprenticeship of traditional and cutting-edge design techniques. All modules are interconnected through practical project frameworks to promote the acquisition of transferable skills.


Translating a designer’s creative ethos through a digital environment is essential. We have designed Digitization around skill acquisition of 2 specific software:

  • DC Suite – Through its partnership with TG3D, IFA Paris will introduce you to this ground-breaking 3D Modelling software. The suite is connected with Foundry’s body scanner and fabric scanner accessible remotely, allowing you to use digital avatars to complete your prototypes with life like accuracy
  • LECTRA – Thanks to a remote access to Modaris 3D and Diamino, you will learn essential skills related with digital pattern making.

All digitization modules require a mandatory presence to the live sessions. The planning of all classes will be done according to your time-zone and the regional centre you are enrolled In.


A bridge between modernity and tradition, Production is a core component of the Bachelor of Fashion Design & Technology. We have crafted custom modules for online delivery to introduce you to traditional pattern making and sewing techniques. In order to benefit from live critiques and feedbacks, you will have access to a technology allowing them to digitize your patterns and work on it collaboratively with your fellow classmates, and with your professors.


The acquisition of cutting-edge design and production techniques need to relate to the realities of the fashion industry. Contextualization is built around Marketing and Fashion Culture modules. We have also included professionalization opportunities through credited internships. Mindfulness is also an integral component of this module grouping: you will be enrolled in personal coaching sessions to support your personal and professional development.

To support a remote learning context, we have developed a teaching strategy specific to the Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology. A dedicated academic team will be allocated to the management of the program. All modules will be divided into two components:

  • A lecture component, managed by the main professor in charge, to provide theoretical knowledge. Lectures will be handled as a full class with all your fellow classmates present
  • A workshop component, managed by coaches, to support you in your design development. Each coach will be assigned a maximum of 8 students to ensure personalized feedbacks that will help you feel you are working within a real-life studio

Drawing from IFA Paris’ pedagogical strategy, IFA Paris – Learn Online also implements a holistic approach to education. The fashion industry is a high-paced, ever-changing environment. Within the course structure we have included Personal Coaching and Mindfulness modules (a first in fashion education) to ensure that you are going through an introspective phase from your first year, allowing you to set a clear path for your personal and professional development.

While the program is structured around unique modules and learning experiences, the highlight is our faculty of skilled and motivated lecturers who come from more than 20 different countries. This veritable educational melting pot allows you to benefit from different cultural perspectives which, in turns, stimulates your propensity to analyse and solve issues in creative and unconventional ways. Students following the program online also benefit from this unique multi-cultural dynamic thanks to an adapted online to off-line (O2O) pedagogical strategy.

This online course takes place live and in real-time (Paris or Istanbul local time) and you will interact with the lecturer and other students through our online platform. However, if you cannot attend or miss a live class, every session is also recorded and saved, so you can go back and watch it at a later suitable time for you.

Course Structure

The Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology is a 180 ECTS and 3 year course. Expand below to see module grouping details:



Creation 1 (incl. Adobe Suite)
(17 ECTS)

Fashion Figure
Product – Technical Drawing
Fashion Illustration
Trend Research
Mini Collection 1
Natural Dying
Sample Book



Digitization 1
(14 ECTS)

DC Suite – Obligatory Attendance in Live
Digital Pattern Making – Obligatory Attendance in Live



Contextualization 1
(6 ECTS)

Contemporary Fashion History
Intro to Marketing – Basics (T2)
Personal Coaching 1



Production 1 (PMD + SEWING)
(29 ECTS)  

Skirt block – skirt construction PM
Bodice block/Shirt construction PM/Collar study/Shirt project
Projects in relation with fashion design



Creation 2
(15 ECTS)                 

Mini Collection 2
Sustainable Development Project
Accessory Design



Digitization 2
(10 ECTS)

DC Suite – Obligatory Attendance in Live
Digital Pattern Making – Obligatory Attendance in Live



Production 2
(26 ECTS)

Jacket with kimono sleeve or raglan
Sustainable Project



Contextualization 2
(9 ECTS)

Digital Marketing/Social Media
Professionalization 2 (at least 1 month interning for a company)
Personal Coaching 2



Creation 3
(16 ECTS)

Personal Collection: Theme Research, Research book/Mood board
Personal Collection: 30 Silhouettes
Personal Collection: Technical Drawing



Digitization 3
(8 ECTS)

DC Suite – Obligatory Attendance in Live
Digital Pattern Making – Obligatory Attendance in Live



Production 3
(25 ECTS)

Personal Collection: 4 digital fittings
Collection Sewing (4 silhouettes min.)



Contextualization 3
(11 ECTS)

Brand Development (incl. Adobe)
Professionalization 2 (3 Month Internship)
Personal Coaching 3 (incl. Portfolio)


  • All applicants at the Undergraduate Bachelor level need to be high school graduates or equivalent and min. 16 years old.
  • Strong motivation in fashion design area.
  • Non-native English speakers need to provide an IELTS score of 5.5 or above, or a TOEFL score of 65 or above. Alternatively, provide an English training certificate or proof of previous education in English.
    COVID-19 and Lockdown: We are aware that it is extremely difficult to obtain a language certificate with the current situation. IELTS has launched an online system to evaluate your English proficiency, IELTS Indicator. We accept this certificate and you can find more information on obtaining this certificate here.
  • Go through the checkout process and then upload: latest high school transcript, copy of high school diploma or equivalence, Motivation letter, Resume/CV, copy of Passport/ID Card as well as a portfolio showing your fashion design creativity. All documents should be in English or translated to English by a professional translator.
  • €150 Application fee.
  • Online Interview (Skype).

Fee Structure

Tuition Fee: € 5,800 per year.
Full yearly tuition fee has to be paid before the start of the course in order to access the classes.
Early bird discount (10%) for tuition fee payments processed at least 7 months in advance of the application deadline.

Resource Fee: € 200 per year, payable with the tuition fees.

What is included in the Tuition Fee:

  • Microsoft Office Pack
  • Access to IFA’s Online Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Course Material
  • Lectures
  • Access to all guest lectures
  • Access to all campus talks

What is included in the Resource Fee:

  • Access to IFA Paris Dawson Era E-Library
  • Remote Access to WGSN
  • Access to Alumnforce
  • Remote Access to Foundry Equipment:
    • TG3D Body Scanner
    • 3D Printers from Makerbot
    • Alvanon Digital Dress Forms
    • Platform
  • Lectra Software License for usage during class time
  • N-Hega N-Shot Lite License (this software is utilized in your Production Modules to digitize patterns and work collaboratively on it with your fellow classmates and instructors)

What is not included in the fees:

  • Expenses related to module specific materials (ex: purchase of fabrics, future boards, etc.)
  • Printing and photocopying costs
  • Expenses related to the development of students’ final year collections
  • TG3D DC Suite – As a partner, TG3D provides all IFA Paris students with an exclusive discounted price
  • Adobe Suite – As an IFA Paris students will benefit from the educational rate for the full Suite
  • Any air fares and accommodation costs should students decide to visit one of our campuses for classes, seminars or graduate shows.


  • A desktop or laptop with the following recommended specifications:
    • OS: Windows 7 or newer (64 bit)
    • CPU: Intel Core i7 3.0 GHz or higher
    • RAM: 16GB or higher
    • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 or higher with the latest drivers
    • Monitor:1920 x 1080
    • Hard Drive: 10+ GB disk space available
  • A sewing machine
  • DC Suite
  • A good internet connection
  • An up-to-date web browser. (It would be advisable to ensure you have access to two separate web browsers)
  • Microphone & Headphones (a headset with microphone/headphones is recommended)
  • Webcam