Fashion & Luxury Business Discovery Short Course (Online)

Course Details

Select Intake: July 2022
Duration: 5 days
Taught in: English
Format: Live
Applications: Open
Limited to: 25 students per class
Tuition Fee: € 500
Enrollment Deadline: to be announced

This course is specifically designed to provide a clear overview of the fashion and luxury industry along with its current challenges. It is integrated in a set of complementary short modules with the right mix of theory and practice to actively engage participants. All topics will be taught with an international perspective in mind. This course is aimed at participants willing to further study or start a career in the fashion & luxury industry as well as at anyone who wants to know more about this fascinating industry.

Course Objectives:

– Understand the specificities of the fashion & luxury industry, its structure, the main functions and roles at stake.
– Develop a solid grounding in the theoretical and practical issues relevant to fashion & luxury organizations
– Understand the roles and challenges of each function in the fashion & luxury cycle.
– Develop an international perspective about new dynamics between mature and developing countries

Course Outcomes:

Transversal project that will encompass all new knowledge learned during the course. The topic of the project will be chosen between one of these 3 topics: Brand repositioning, Re-launch of old brand, Launch of new product line of an existing brand.

This online course takes place live and in real-time (Paris or Istanbul local time) and you will interact with the lecturer and other students through our online platform. However, if you cannot attend or miss a live class, every session is also recorded and saved, so you can go back and watch it at a later suitable time for you.

Course Structure

Day 1: Fashion and Luxury Panorama – 6 hours

An introductory module allowing participants to evaluate the major stakeholders composing the industries of fashion and various luxury segments.

Day 2: Fashion and Luxury Consumer Behaviour- 9 hours

This module will review the particularities of Fashion and Luxury Products from a consumer’s perspective. From the Veblen Effect Theory to the concept of brand totems, participants will understand why Luxury brand and Fashion Houses have such a strong following.

Day 3: Fashion and Luxury Branding / Communication – 6 hours

A practical workshop structured around case studies and industry best practices to review the most efficient and impactful branding and communication strategies.

Day 4: E-Commerce for Fashion and Luxury – 6 hours

A module reviewing the importance of User Experience and User Interface through the prism of online platforms.

Day 5 : Presentation – 3 hours

Final Presentation of the program’s transversal project

Fee Structure

Tuition Fee: € 500
Early bird discount (10%) for tuition fee payments processed at least 7 months in advance of the enrollment deadline.

What is included in the fee:

  • Microsoft Office Pack
  • Access to IFA’s Online Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Course Material
  • Lectures

What is not included in the fee:

  • Expenses related to module specific materials (ex: purchase of fabrics, future boards…etc)
  • Printing and photocopying costs


  • A recent computer with a recent operating system
  • A good internet connection
  • An up-to-date web browser (it would be advisable to ensure you have access to two separate web browsers)
  • Microphone & Headphones (a headset with microphone/headphones is recommended)
  • Webcam