Understanding the French Fashion Tech Ecosystem – White Paper 2021

Fashion Tech White Paper 2021

In the modern world, technology is a necessity for progression and fashion is no exception to this rule. French fashion brands are finally acknowledging that technology is key to pushing all facets of their businesses forward. This means that fashion tech is gaining momentum in Europe, but what is actually happening and where? The Foundry Powered by IFA Paris team lays out in a new white paper a breakdown of some of the most interesting fashion tech initiatives happening within France and Europe.

Topics include:

  • Initiatives happening to foster the development of fashion tech.
  • How COVID-19 is affecting developments and usage.
  • Fashion tech specific startup accelerator programs.
  • Guest contribution with partners IBM studio discussing some of the cutting-edge technologies that they’ve been working within fashion.
  • Case studies outlining the application of fashion tech.
  • How Foundry Powered by IFA Paris is pioneering fashion tech and building an entrepreneurial and collaborative community.

If one is new to the fashion tech subject, it can be a little difficult to make sense of A: what fashion tech actually is and means, and B: how a brand, startup, entrepreneur can get involved with the various initiatives out there. This white paper serves as a guide to understanding the fashion tech ecosystem, with a spotlight on France where the Foundry fashion tech lab is based. Readers will be able to develop general knowledge of the sector, but also distil key insights that the Foundry team and partners have gathered. Fashion tech enthusiasts will also be inspired by case studies that highlight tangible applications of fashion tech and how the future of the fashion industry depends on it. Ultimately readers will be left with a better understanding of the French fashion tech ecosystem and what it may mean for them.

Download the white paper here: Understanding the French Fashion Tech Ecosystem

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