The Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology is Now Available for Online Learning

Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology

The year 2020 brought with it tremendous changes as the world was left grounded because of COVID-19, and the fashion industry was no exception. With many restrictions in place, including travel, many have had to adapt to the changes by rethinking how things are normally done. This included working remotely and focusing on a digital environment.

IFA Paris was no exception, launching a portfolio of online courses accessible to students anywhere in the world. And now proud to announce the addition of the signature program online Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology.

The Bachelor of Fashion Design and Technology is a one-of-a-kind, uncompromising program that provides students with a creative and technological edge. It has a unique curriculum which blends French traditional “savoir-faire” with the latest technology in digital fashion.

This online course is based on its “offline counterpart” and is structured around three levels corresponding to the three academic years.

It hits its’ climax in the third year, where students’ own fashion collections will be showcased, judged and given the opportunity to be displayed during the IFA Paris Graduation fashion show in Paris and Istanbul.

Because of the specificities of such a program, IFA Paris has developed a special teaching strategy unique to the Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology with a dedicated academic team. It’s structured around special modules and learning experiences, and students benefit from the variety of skills from motivated lecturers, who come from more than 20 different countries.

This veritable educational melting pot allows students to benefit from different cultural perspectives which in turn, gives students the ability to analyze and solve issues in creative and unconventional ways.

You can also find more information and apply here: Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology