Commitment to Sustainability

IFA Paris is committed to provide academic programs that anticipate the evolutions of the fashion industry. The latter is the second biggest polluter in the world, with a carbon footprint equivalent to all the planes and boats roaming our planets. Resource Wastage, chemical pollution, over-utilization of water and over production are characteristics that have defined the operations of the stakeholders structuring our industry. While a collective awareness is pushing all of us to redefine the way we see our operations, being sustainable is not just about adopting a trend. For IFA Paris, it has become a necessity.

Since January 2019, the Chairman and Chairwoman of IFA Paris have initiated the transformation of our schools into Corporate Social Responsibility – certified institutions. Our philosophy, based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) created by the United Nations, is aimed at ensuring that we can balance 3 important components: Planet, People and Profit.

3 main objectives are framing our sustainable strategy:

  • Renewing and solidifying our commitment to transparency in our relationships with our different stakeholders: students, lecturers, suppliers, partners and the local communities
  • Nurturing and expanding a multi-cultural environment that promotes the fulfilment of our students and alumni
  • Mobilizing all our resources to position our graduates as the sustainable leaders of tomorrow who will drive innovation and change

A large-scale plan of action is under way and revolves around the following IFA Paris Sustainability Manifesto:

  • We will commit to integrate our CSR Philosophy to our international strategy
  • We will vouch to maintain the necessary level of resources to ensure our cross-campus management will always be based on Sustainability principles
  • We will renew our commitment to respect individuals, their dignity and their fundamental rights
  • We will always fight against any type of discrimination to promote equal chances for our staff, our students and our graduates
  • We will protect the privacy of all our stakeholders by upholding to the most stringent international standards of Data Protection
  • We will develop the competencies of our administrative and lecturing teams to dynamically help their career progression
  • We will nurture an optimal work/life balance by protecting the health and safety of our staff and students
  • We will encourage open communication between our management team and our staff, students and graduates
  • We will integrate within our pedagogical strategy a series of modules, seminars and workshops centred around Eco-conception
  • We will regularly evaluate and address our overall carbon footprint
  • We will champion business ethics principles to avoid any type of possible active or passive corruption
  • We will help our suppliers expand their vision on the importance of business and environmental ethics
  • We will create sustainable and durable relationships with our stakeholders
  • We will offer an academic program offer that will address our student population’s interests, from admission to post graduation
  • We will guarantee the health, security and safety of our students and staff
  • We will implement best practices in the interest of maintaining excellent standard levels for student onboarding and pedagogical follow-up

We will favour accessibility of our programs to a wide spectrum of students by maintaining appropriate levels of financial and material support

  • We will contribute to the socio-economic development of the communities and territories within which we operate
  • We will participate in initiatives that champion general and public interests

This manifesto reflects our commitment to sustainability and structures our involvement within the Lucie Certification Label as an active part of their community. More infos at